About me

About me

DSC_0367_voll-eig-beaName: Michele Ilona

Living in:  West Germany

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Hair / Eye color: blonde / green

Hobbies: reading, painting, cosplay,  traveling, enjoying nature…

Favorite music: pop, medieval music, classic piano

Favorite Books:  Harry Potter, Die Elfen (Bernhard Hennen), … fantasy books

How I got into Cosplay

I was always a fan of anime and I watched it a lot on television as a child (Pokemon, One Piece, YugiOh, Bayblade, SailorMoon, Detective Conan, Naruto ….). Once a friend told me about her cousin who lives in a bigger city and that there are conventions where the people dress like the characters in the Animes. This is when I heard about Cosplay for the first time. She convinced me to join her Cosplay Vocaloid Group as Meiko and travel to her cousin to attend the convention in 2010. It was my first Cosplay and I never sewed before so she helped me a lot. It was so much fun and we had a great time at this convention. Thenceforward I did some small costumes together with my friends and attend some smaller local conventions. I kind of quit with cosplay for a time because of some personal issues.

In 2013 I started to Cosplay again. I did my first completely self-chosen Cosplay (Tinkerbell) and soon the next one (female Dovahkiin) wich was my first armor cosplay and the first time I worked with a thermoplastic material. With this costume, I visited a Conventions (NorthCon) alone for the first time and it was a totally different experience. I met lots of amazing and inspiring people and made many new friends. I never quit Cosplay since then again.


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Meiko │Photo by Krone                             Tinkerbell │ photo by Ragnara               Dovahkiin │ photo by Heiko Warnke