Black Cat Cosplay Shooting – Behind the Scene

Black Cat Cosplay Shooting – Behind the Scene


Take a look behind the scene….

Last year in December I had my Black Cat Cosplay shooting. It was freaking cold and dark but we got some great shots!

We hadn’t any plan about the location, I just wanted to have something like a Skyline and city stuff in the background.
We chose the ‘Rhine Promenade’ with the big wheel, the bridge and the ‘Rhine Tower’ in Düsseldorf for our shooting.

1st scene: Bridge 

We tried to shoot on the bridge first. It’s a great view over the river and the Rhine Tower (background left picture) from there but it was sooo windy.

It was super difficult to get some nice picture there. My wig got totally crazy and there were lots of people how wanted to cross the bridge.

On the left picture, you can see my dear friend Chris who filmed the shooting for a “Behind the scene Video”.

This is one of the pictures we did on the bridge. You can see the big wheel in the background and all the lights of the promenade.

2nd scene: Red Corner

Under the bridge is a restaurant with a red wall and light.  I wanted to give this place a try and we did some shots there. Sadly some of the light where broken but maybe we can fix it with Photoshop 😉

3rd scene: Colonnaded House 

The house was just beautiful  and we wanted to create a scene where it looks like I stole some jewels and I’m absconding from the cops.

On the left picture, you can see our assistant Daniel trying to light up my face a bit… the right picture is just derp 😀 and a warming blanket from the Photographer YAY!

We just  used a flash with a blue foil to get the effect of the emergency light. It was super dark so we couldn’t film a video there but the picture turned out so well!

I love them ♥

4th scene: Rhine Promenade

It was getting colder and colder but I liked the location so much that I wanted to stay and do a few more shots. From this spot, you can see the bridge and the tower from the 1st scene in the background.

We tried the red and blue light for this spot. I totally preferred the blue one ~
For this picture, I had to  hold the pose for … EVER D: .. a long time, I wasn’t able to get out of the pose after the shot was done XD freeezzee.
But it was totally worth it! It’s my favorite picture of the whole photo shooting!!

5th scene:  Big Wheel

In winter, there is always a Big wheel at the Rhine Promenade and it just HAD to be on the picture! During the shoot, it changed the color from blue to red and we got a different light setup. 🙂

Here is the result with the red lighted wheel:

6th and last scene: Car Park Roof

During the shoot, we parked our car on the roof of a car park. I had to stand on a folding chair to be high enough for a good pose x’D
We took some last pictures till the security guy told us to leave…

We talked a bit and he kinda liked us so and he allowed us to finish the shooting. WOHO 😀

One of the results from the roof:


• Benny (Photographer) – check out his facebook page 

• Chris (Videographer) – no page

• Daniel (Assistant) – no page

Check out the behin the scene video!!!

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